Su Jok therapy helpful in the case of insomnia

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Agnieszka Zaba It’s commonly
known that permanent sleeplessness
is cause to many health problems and
leads up to premature body aging.

Sleep is not only a rest, but also
a basic cure for our whole system.

That is why, apart from length
of a sleep, its quality matters too.

To enjoy a restorative and peaceful
sleep it’s good to reserve a few moments
for ourselves, best in the evening.

The Su Jok acupuncture recommends
massaging points corresponding to the
occiput, pineal gland, kidneys, solar
plexus and energetic points on the Yin
and Yang sides on hands and feet.

You can start with warming up energetic
points with moxa (
), then massage places
corresponding to the occiput, cervical
vertebrae and kidneys, using your fingers.

You can put seeds on the most painful
points and massage them for about 3
or 5 minutes.

If sleep still doesn’t come, put a rubber
band on the base of a thumb.

When you’ll feel a bit tired and sleepy,
take the rubber band off.


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