Water Movement in the Su Jok acupuncture Part 1

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agnieszka-zaba-1 Along with
the winter time we’ve entered
the great Yin period, when energy
goes down, towards the inside and
when the world is overwhelmed by
coolness and darkness.
According to the Traditional Chinese
Medicine, those few winter months are
connected with the Water Movement.

This element contains kidneys (Yin organ)
and bladder (Yang organ), which are most
active during the winter.

Each kidney has its own tasks.

Functions of the right kidney, also called
“the small fire of life”, are: life strength,
balanced body temperature, keeping the
right blood pressure, producing the
protective energy, keeping the stomach
and spleen (Earth Element) warm,
controlling libido and moving bodily fluids.

Whereas left kidney is responsible for the
body substance, condition of bones, teeth,
marrow, brain, ears, hair and eyebrows.

Bladder has an excretory function in the
system and its condition depends greatly
on the right functioning of kidneys.

In our body the Water Movement is
responsible for quality and amount of fluids.
It controls the balance of the excretory
system – lymphatic system and its cleansing
and detoxicating function.
It also controls digestive and sweat-glands,
reproductive system and producing the
cerebrospinal fluid.

People with a strong Water Movement are
courageous (however, in accordance to the
principle “Fighting must not be the key to go,
it should be reserved as your last resource”,
they avoid it because it’s a waste of energy)
and consistent in behavior.

Those people aspire to knowing the truth,
they like gaining knowledge, however only
for their own use, they don’t show off.

They are self-sufficient, have a good memory,
changeable opinions, feelings and emotions.
They also have a flexible body.

Important part of the Water Element is
an ability to accept everything with love,
care and sensitivity. 

Whereas lack of balance and free flow
of  this energy shows in too strong devotion
to family, society, objects, thoughts and
Person with a weak Water Movement is
filled with unknown desires, traumas and
He has an outpourings of emotions, cry,
anger and self-pity.

Physical symptoms of lack of energy
in  the Water Element are: back pains
(morning pains that abate with moving),
freezing feet, knees, hips and buttocks,
bad functioning of sinuses, problems with
teeth, hand and feet swelling (especially in
the evening), troubles with urine (urinating
at night).
There is also reduction of potency, sexual
desire and possibly infertility.

As we can see, the quality of the Water
Element in life decides about the quality
of our lives and it surely deserves some
more attention.

An easy way to strengthen kidneys,
using Su Jok therapy and acupuncture,
is to massage their correspondence points
on the Yang side of hands and feet.
Warming up these areas has also a very
good influence and of course – using beans
as a natural stimulants.

To be continued.


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