What is Su Jok Acupuncture?

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 male-stopyminiaturka[1]Su Jok (sujok, su – jok), translated from Korean, means hand and foot, whereas more and more people who practise alternative medicine, use this term for a complete technique of diagnosis and treatment, with use of hands and feet.

Su jok is a Chinese medicine, an acupuncture and an acupressure.

The originator of The Su Jok Therapy – professor Park Jae Woo
– believes that he’s only a discoverer of this method and the creator is Nature which created this perfect system.

Functioning of the system is based on a rule of similarities between human body an hands. It uses the fact that diseased organs „inform” about a problem corresponding points on a hand, which are their projection.


5-konczyn-sujok-184x300 1              

 We can cause an improvement in the condition of organs by affecting projections.

Thanks to various non – invasive therapeutic methods, su jok brings an amazing possibility of treating many lingering diseases.

By studying su jok, we become open to better health and better understanding of perfection and order of the Nature, which part of we are.

What’s dazzling about su jok, is a wide range of applications and options – from a mild illness to serious internal organs damage, from critical condition to adjustment to emotions and psyche.

Many contemporary doctors and naturotherapists claims that Su Jok Therapy is closest to beautiful dreams of ancient doctors of an universal healing method.

Human body is built like a hologram (copy), which means that a picture and information about a whole can be found in a part of this whole.

Holographic projection of all parts and internal organs is a signpost, created by the Nature itself to highly – effective system of natural healing and prophylactic treatment.

Projection of kidneys and adrenal glands in standard system on a hand, „insect” system on a finger, in minisystem on a distal phalange of a finger.

 Oriented stimulation (waking) of proper parts of interdependence on hands and feet, apart from fast reduction of pain, it also removes its cause and stabilize flow of energy in attacked organ or body part and consequently cure them.

Su Jok can work extremely fast – many doctors of the emergency from ER  in Russia use this method in daily practice, including resuscitation.

masaż serca sujok

Su Jok Therapy at the moment is rated as one of the best healing methods in the world.
Not accidentally. Range of possible influences, speed of bringing the results, safety and accessibility make the su jok an advanced, natural method of healing and harmonization of human body.

According to Su Jok, our system can be presented in a form a pyramid with four levels.

10 lipca - piramida

Each higher level affects the lower one. Harmony of a higher level guarantee a harmony on lower levels (if the water is clear on the top, it’ll be the same down and if it’s dirty on the top, it’ll be also dirty down).

In Su Jok system we can bring back lost body balance on four levels:
physical, energetic, emotional and mental.
Treating one level cause healing changes on other levels (higher and lower).

For instance, using a standard system of interdependence, we can try to cure every illness and in some cases this treatment will be long-distance. Especially while treating chronic diseases: the higher is level we affect, the faster we can achieve some good effect.

For example, sciatica in a standard system of interdependence can be cured during seven sessions or during only one session on a mental level.

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